Nyform Troll Values

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is people wondering what the value of their Nyform troll is.

To be honest with you, there is no official guide to the value of these trolls, but listed below are the important factors that will affect the value of your Nyform troll.

  • How many years the troll was in production.
    • The shorter time your troll was in production, the higher the collector value will be. 

  • How long ago the troll was discontinued.
    • The older your troll, the higher the value. 

  • The condition of the troll.
    • If your troll still has good color and the hair, eyes etc. is all intact, your troll will be worth more. 

  • The size of the troll.
    • The larger the troll, the higher the value.

A good place to go to find out what year your Nyform troll was discontinued is at www.trollsofnorway.com. This site lists all Nyform trolls that were ever created along with images. You will also find information on whether or not they are still in production or what year they were discontinued in.

For more information on determining your troll's value, you can visit the International Distributor's website where they have information on how to estimate the collector's value of Nyform Trolls.

Values of most anything is usually determined by what people are willing to pay for it. A good way to watch the value of these trolls is to go to Ebay and search for the word Nyform. You will find Nyform trolls there on auction. Keep your eye on the going prices for these trolls - you may own one of these yourself.